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Anti Cockroach Plywood Milky White 2.7mm 4' X 8'

2.7mm 1220mm X 2440mm 1/1V03X SM (TL)

Keep cockroaches and ants out of your furniture naturally.

PrinBord Anti Cockroach+ is more than just an intelligent wood panel, it's a top choice for many of today's design-savvy professionals. Why? A few reasons:

Smart Design

Make life easy for yourself with a clever product which repels ants and cockroaches from crawling across it to avoid colonies

Eco Friendly

A natural repellent compound derived from plants

Long Life Span

Save money and energy while enjoying peace of mind knowing you have a 3 year warranty on your purchase

Protect yourself from cockroaches and ants with this intelligent boards. Order today!

Use for : kitchen furniture, wardrobe and all indoor furniture where hygiene is important

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An intelligent and special function plywood that repels cockroaches and ants.

The printed surface is contact repellent. When a cockroach comes in contact or within 500mm close to its surface, the repellent compound stimulates the nerves of cockroach and prevent it from resting or colonising on the board. For ants, this works upon direct contact between the ant and printed surface.

Safe – the printed surface (lacquer) complies with EN71-3 standard which legally required for toys sold in EU and a benchmark developed and developing countries measure against.

Natural – all natural compound derived from plants, containing natural cockroach and ant repellent; which means it does not kill them but rather, it repels them away from the board.

Durable – 3 year warranty

Surface comes with watermark logo to certify authenticity

Milky white colour, smooth matt finish

Plywood substrate is made from tropical hardwood.

Note : Color shows is as close to actual as modern online photography allow.

Application / Use For

Kitchen furniture


All indoor furniture where hygiene is important

More Information
Color TypeSolid
Product Warranty

3 Years Cockroach & Ant Repellence Warranty

This warranty covers defects in material that is directly related to the efficacy of cockroach and ant repellent. The warranty period is 3 years, commencing from the date of purchase from manufacturer.

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