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Rubberwood Finger Joint Laminated Board 18mm 4’ X 8’

18mm 1220 X 2440mm BC Grade

Create Durable Designs with Eco-Friendly Rubberwood!

Rubberwood finger joint laminated board is a sustainable, eco-friendly wood product. It's easy to work with, strong and durable, and it looks great too!

✔ Durable

✔ Easy to use

✔ Eco-friendly

Go green with rubberwood today!

Use for: Furniture, interior millwork and other small specialty wood items.

RM 200.00

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A type of solid wood panel produced from joining short material into long plank, then laminating them into a wide and long solid panel.

The wood material is kiln-dried to moisture content (MC) 14% for maximum product stability & durability.

Both sides sanded smooth

Medium weight and density

Light blonde to medium tan color, sometimes with medium brown streaks

Straight grain with open texture

Easy machining, staining and profiling

Actual product may vary in term of visual, colour and other relevant characteristics due to natural variation

Application / Use For



Table top

Interior millwork

Kitchen woodware (cutting boards, knife blocks, etc.)

Other small, specialty wood item

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